our purpose

Our Oceans are collapsing.

How to feed the planet?

Supplying a population of 10 billion by the year of 2050 while not robbing the world of its ressources, is a challenge we all face. One is for sure: The innevitable protein gap can‘t be solved by conventional high intensive meat and fish production.

The cost of conventional seafood production:

The oceans are on the glimpse of collapse.

It‘s time for
a viable alternative.

the Oceans

  • Food production next to the people
  • Leaving ecosystems untouched
  • No pollution or antibiotics
  • Scalable for population growth

Creating the new nature of

Aquapurna is transfroming the shrimp industry by giving the customers what they want:

  • Regional produce,
  • a trustworthy, transparent and sustainable,
  • superior product quality,
  • at affordable prices;

Made possible by

  • tech-enabled land-based Aquaculture,
  • the development of resource and cost-efficient systems,
  • the usage of smart data solutions and
  • the unconditional thrive for animal welfare;