the tech way of farming shrimp


A new era of aquaculture has arrived.

We merge sustainability and a holistic tech-driven approach, to form the most advanced land-based shrimp farming method. With our food system broken, it is only with the usage of data and cutting edge technology, that we can reconcile the everlasting demand for great food while preserving our planet.

Our purpose

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Automated and tech driven

Shrimp farming is stuck in medieval ages. Robotics, smart data and automatization herald a new era of cost-efficient local farming…


Cost-efficient, production safe and proven in Germany

We have developed a large scale suitable system capable of farming shrimp at unrivalled low productions cost. Our 100% production safe system is proven in Germany…


Sustainable & Animal friendly

Creating a sustainable and animal friendly alternative to the futureless practices of conventional shrimp farming, is at the heart of our endeavours. This is why…


AQP announces partnership with Billund Aquaculture

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From egg to finished product – Aquapurna aims to establish a European supply of German raised larvae. Transparent and trustful farming can only be achieved by owning the vertical supply chain.

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a new standard:

shrimp –
how they should be

  • Superior Taste
  • Sustainable Production
  • Locally Farmed
  • Affordable Luxury
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AQP = People

Our most valuable asset?

The unique and outstanding understanding of what we do. This is why Aquapurna puts the team first. Learn more about our teams experience in the fields of aquaculture, engineering and finance.

Purna ~ पूर्ण pūrṇa m. ~ From egg to tail