our approach

Unique in Europe

Aquapurna operates the only R&D Centers in Europe dedicated solely on the sustainable and cost-efficient land-based farming of shrimp. It’s because of our everlasting scientific thrive for perfection, that we are able to provide the technology for the evolution of shrimp farming.

Our shrimp habitat is based on decades of aquaculture experience.

With our „Smart Reef System“, we aim to mimic nature itself in order to increase the wellbeing of our shrimp while achieving a high, predictable and outstanding yield.

Our maxim: Never touch a living shrimp.

The Aquapurna System does not allow for shrimp to be handled manually. We combined German engineering with top notch aquaculture technology to create the most efficient and stable turn key system. From nauplii to harvest, our shrimp will remain untouched and stress free.

Top notch water treatment systems tailored specifically to large scale indoor shrimp production in western countries, allow for the lowest power and water consumption costs possible. Together with our partners, we designed a one of a kind filtration system aimed at maximum recirculation at minimum of capex cost.

Shrimp tell us what they need to flourish – we just have to listen.

This is why we created a data driven farming environment. Ongoing collection and automated analysis of parameters and imagery allow for a more robust and healthier upringing, production stability as well as predicting incidents rather than reacting to it. With every shrimp produced our systems increases its deep understanding of the animal. Our farmers are cloud connected.

This is why we say: The Bigger we get, the better we become!